Sociedade Portuguesa de Fractura e Integridade Estrutural

About us

SPFIE is a private non-profit association of science, technology and training with the following objectives:

To promote R&D actions, in particular in engineering fields related to Structural Integrity of materials, components and structures

To promote technology transfer between Research and Technology Organizations and the Industry at large

To contribute to the dissemination of the field, particularly among the young generations, through the organization of conferences, seminars and workshops and the publication of technical information thereof. 

SPFIE History

SPFIE was conceived during 2016 out of some members’ will and the necessity to gather researchers working in topics related explicitly to Structural Integrity. The society was finally brought to fiscal reality on 08th December 2017 by Pedro Moreira, Abílio de Jesus, Paulo Tavares and José Correia, representing the 16 initial members that promptly adhered to the call. 

The first conference supported by SPFIE was the 2018 Portuguese Conference on Fracture. Since then, the Society sponsored the International Conference on Structural Integrity, 2019 and 2021, IRAS 2019, the First International Symposium on Risk Analysis and Safety of Complex Structures and Components, the 1st Virtual Iberian Conference on Structural Integrity, VIbCSI 1, which replaced the expected Iberian Conference on Structural Integrity due to the CoVID pandemic in 2019/2020 and finally, the Iberian Conference on Structural Integrity in 2022. The joint organization of IbCSI was the result of the relationship established with the Grupo Español de Fractura (GEF), and similar talks have been organized with the Italian Group on Fracture (IGF), expected to result in benefits for the members of both societies and future joint events. SPFIE represents the community of scientists working in Structural Integrity related fields within the European Structural Integrity Society ever since it was created in 2017.